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Web-based Viewer

Web-based, with nothing to download, enabling instantly comprehensive DFM analysis online anytime, anywhere.

The interactive online viewer lets you inspect, pan, zoom, and navigate through all PCB layers in detail.

Design for Manufacture

Use ready-to-go DFM rules or incorporate DFM rules provided by your preferred supplier to evaluate your project for compliance with actual factory capabilities.

Enable automatic analysis with just one click file upload, ensuring manufacturability for both fabrication and assembly.

Intelligent Analysis

Perform DFM and DFA checks with 5 comprehensive analysis modules covering traces, solder masks, drilling, silkscreen, and component assembly.

Utilize a 30+ point checklist to identify design errors, reported with visual localization to promptly resolve issues and prevent errors from moving to the next process step. Also Support one click PDF report download.

BOM Matching

JLCPCB’s extensive component library offers a unique advantage, enabling instant matching of component information. Our self-built 3D component module library provides a visual representation of the component assembly effect.

3D Visualization

Our unified user interface offers both 2D and 3D PCB visualizations, allowing you to check your PCB and components with realistic effects.